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Tampons with Applicator

There is pain, unexplained mood changes, heart-eyes for any sweet edibles, stains and the hassle of attending to these few days of periods. An Applicator Tampon tackles the stains and stress with ease and convenience. Sanity Applicator Tampons are an ideal and right choice for women who are just getting started with these cylindrical alternatives to pads. These tampons come with an attached string that facilitates the whole process of inserting and removing them easily and an applicator that helps push it inside you. Here, the hard work is left to the applicator, making it a smoother feat for you. There is a product for every flow–Regular and Super, with two different absorbency levels, for every menstruating woman. With Tampons with Applicators, your ‘time of the month’ goes by with minimal mess and zero discomfort.

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