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Sanity Tampons With Applicator - Combo pack of 20
Tampons For Every Period Flow Days By Sanity
Regular and Super Applicator Tampons
How to Insert Tampons with Applicator

Regular & Super Applicator Tampons (Combo Pack)

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• Regular absorbency applicator tampons recommended for light to medium flow days. Super absorbency applicator tampons recommended for medium to heavy flow days.
• Ideal and right choice for women who are just getting started with these cylindrical alternatives to pads.
• Made with quality materials that eliminate the risk of irritation and rashes.
• You can travel at your own convenience and ease. Our tampons are super absorbent & comes with leakage free technology.
• Our tampons are safe, comfortable, tailored to your needs & facilitate participation in all activities such as swimming and exercises that you may otherwise avoid.

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