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Friends with benefit

We are on our way to the ultimate mission of discovering comfort while bleeding because you deserve nothing less than the best. Our modern period products reflect how today's woman does not forget herself while caring for others. That’s why we have made these sexy, bold, buttery soft period panties for you to bleed better.

Keep Sanity close and these undies closer

Period panties influence and enhance how we experience life during our periods. Our period panties serve a purpose and are made from skin-friendly materials which give you a feel-good touch. These beauties have the look and feel of regular underwear but can absorb your heaviest period flow. Sanity's classic period hipster is stylish and comfortable thus offering safe coverage and high performance, making it a must-have for every menstruator.

Tailored keeping you in mind

These period panties are specially designed for YOU so that you can STOP

- running to the restroom in panic,
- covering yourself completely during your period,
- refraining from wearing shorts while working out.

No more leaks or stains in Sanity Period Panties

How does it work?
How does Sanity period panties work?

Sanity's period underwear eliminates the need for frequent changes whether you are traveling or simply rolling on your bed. You can wear them comfortably underneath any attire and do everything you want to because we feel there are more important things to worry about than leaks.

While you move around and groove during your period, our stretchy-fit seamlessly cuddles your curves and maintains its position. Additionally, these are multitaskers just like you and are made with love for everybody and for all genders who menstruate. They can be worn during the menstrual cycle as well as for any form of discharge, pee leaks during pregnancy and postpartum bleeding after giving birth.

Let's period better, together

We are mindful that every period differs from person to person. Hence, our period panties are available in sizes S to XXL, making them accessible to the vast majority of menstruators. A leakproof layer is designed and spread out from front to back to get top most security no matter how you sleep. They give you added peace of mind, so that you won’t have to worry about any leakages and stains. These period panties are constructed with additional layers and premium fabrics in the crotch area to absorb menstrual flow and seal in the period smell. Although switching to our period panties may seem like a minor change but it has a significant impact on the environment. 
Period panties are not just stylish substitutes for traditional menstrual products; they are also reusable, making them planet-friendly.

Additionally, it might be much easier on your pocket. Simply, wear them, wash and rinse them after use, and repeat. 

Care instructions: Soak, rinse, wash | Hang to air dry | Rewear & Repeat

We firmly believe that your body is aware of everything you think and say and it reacts accordingly. So why not embrace it, cherish it, nurture it, and wrap it in our oh-so-comfy period underwear?

Life's too short for you to not go for it

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