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Why Sanity?

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Sanity period products are designed to keep leakages, stains and rashes away

That's What She Said

The ease of application is great unlike the other options. Extremely skin friendly. Love the product packaging and thought of the colours being bold. We are not ashamed of our period.

Hiral Shah, R&D Head

Since I’ve moved to Bombay, finding the right brand of tampons that compares to what I’m used to abroad has been challenging. But not anymore :) Sanity tampons offer the comfort that I’ve been looking for in size, thickness and quality of product! Pretty happy with this one!

Aradhna Bakhai, Occupational Therapist

Knowing that these undies don’t get displaced, even while I am at the office, doing my regular workout or even while I am sleeping makes my periods totally stress and hassle free. 

Jiya Patel, Entrepreneur

Sanity period underwear has given a completely new meaning to comfort especially when I am playing. I absolutely love this underwear and they are super safe to wear. They are a tad pricey, but I believe it’s worth it for the quality they offer.

Sapna, Kabaddi Player

These period undies do function well and their fitting seems great. They don’t make me feel weird while I am walking. Also, their care instructions are too easy to follow. I highly recommend them to all.

Avni K, Writer

So soft and comfortable, finally a brand that understands what a woman needs! Thanks for keeping me sane, Sanity!

Alina Israni, Education Counsellor

I don’t usually use tampons because I’ve always been apprehensive about their level of comfort but these Tampons by Sanity are such a game changer!

I also workout wearing them & it’s such a blessing because neither does it give me any rashes nor does it stain my clothes! Overall, super happy!

Tanvi Shah, Marketing Professional

Sanity Applicator Tampons are easier and cleaner to use than any pad. They are easy to insert and comfortable to wear for long hours. And the best part, I can now go swim and nap comfortably without worrying about stains. Would definitely recommend.

Dhvani Bedi, HR Professional

I can laugh a bit harder, sneeze a little louder and am no more hesitant to get up from my chair on my periods. Thank you Sanity for this amazing invention, you are a 10/10.

Kishwer Gujral, Designer


Tampons with Applicator: Subscription-based model


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